Thinking Cap On

Much to my frustration and disappointment yesterday’s planned shoot did not happen, because when we met with the choir administrator it was confirmed that none of the singers were old enough to have been in the war. There were two women in the choir who were alive during the war, but they were very young and have no recollection of it. It is beginning to look as though my job in this part of Ukraine is done – I have photographed everyone who is willing to be photographed and who was a veteran. Thinking cap on!

I think it is time to be looking to Poland and France.

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Next Shoot

I am confirmed for a shoot tomorrow at 12h00. It is in another city not far from here, but the roads are so bad and dangerous, we will allow an hour to get there.

Also just heard the woman who is looked after by the social worker is not up to seeing me. The social worker said she is barely sentient and at best can sit up in bed, so sadly I will not be seeing her.

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News About My Next Shoot

I have some news about my next photo shoot. After a mess-up with scheduling which resulted in one old veteran changing her mind about being photographed, I have another shoot lined up for Wednesday of this week.

A third woman I was to shoot is looked after by a social worker and we are trying to get hold of her in order to confirm the veteran is strong enough to see us – apparently she now finds it difficult to speak, so it may be best if I left her in peace. I hope to hear from the social worker this week.

I also found out today that one of the five women I was to meet has fallen very ill and I will not be able to see her. This is sad news because at her age, illness is very hard to bear. I hope she is not suffering and gets better soon.

On a separate note, I’ve just been told there is a choir performing on Sunday in the town I’m staying in and many of the choir members are women who fought in the war. I’ve been invited to the performance and then to meet them afterwards. Woohoo! I have to supply the cake 😀


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